Go hard or go home

This campaign is for characters willing to do a “hard start” – i.e. they start out as level 0 humans in an unknown world and are thrown together with little but the clothes on their backs. They will build their backstory – their character “blue-books” – through active play, and once they find an appropriate set of professional trainers, they can begin to learn the basics of a class.

Creatures, classes, skills and feats will be D&D5E core rulebooks only (PHB, DMG, MM1), unless a compelling build arising out of character development is proposed and approved by the GM. I don’t mind custom builds, but they need to fit the milieu and backstory, and not something pillaged from Pathfinder, a magazine or website.

This setting is not Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk or Planescape. This is a genuinely novel setting which will offer scope for the characters to rise to great heights or sinister depths as they move forwards.

Why not start now?

I’m currently looking for new accommodation. As soon as I have the new digs squared away, the game – as they say – shall be afoot.

Hi folks,

I’m signing the lease on my new digs next week (Highbury), and will be moving in during the first week of April. So… can I get those who are interested in this campaign to start posting up availability here → Your text to link here…

Adelaide Hard Start - D&D5E + homebrew

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