Character Rolling Protocols

So… this is where the hard-start gets hard. Character rolling protocols will be as follows:

Start with a d100 roll for race.

  • 01 – 15 = Half-Elf
  • 16 – 85 = Human
  • 86 – 00 = Half-Orc

Because the pirates are also Half-Orcs, the half-orc PCs are likely to be unacknowledged children of the pirates.

For each stat roll, roll a d6 before your stat roll.

  • 1 – 2 = Roll 4d6, keep worst 3 rolls
  • 3 – 5 = Roll 5d6, keep 2x best and 1x worst rolls
  • 6 = Roll 6d6, keep best 3 rolls.

Stats will be rolled in traditional order: STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA.

The good news is that after having rolled 2x 1s or 1×2, you treat further d6 rolls of 1-2 as 3-5s. The bad news is that unless you’re a half-orc, after your first 6, any further rolls of 6 will be treated as 3-5s. If you’re a half-orc, you can keep 2 rolls based on an initial d6 roll of 6.

I’m going to allow people to deal with alignment as an emergent characteristic which will be fixed once you get through your level 1 training. In other words, I’ll be tracking your actions and will assign an alignment based on how you’re playing your character. Note that evil alignments will be celebrated, but role-playing evil in an otherwise good party will be hard work if you want any XP at all. If everyone goes evil, this will become a very high stakes game very quickly.

You have been warned.

I will be creating HeroLab character sheets for each toon which I’ll republish in PDF format after each session. For those who have HeroLab and want the characters in native format so they can import them into the mobile version of HeroLab, I’ll publish the appropriate XML files via DropBox.

As slaves, you are survivors. You have each made it to the age of 14 + 1d6 on the basis of your ability to tolerate conditions that would kill most people. You are all hardy characters and will get +2 to CON rolls. Likewise, you will be a little bit more nimble as learning how to take a hit from a whip without copping a whallopping is also a valuable skill. In the conditions in which you’ll be working your little hearts out, infection will be one of the biggest killers.

However, as slaves, you are also uneducated. You have been sheltered from fundamental skills like reading which would support a typical intelligence stat, so your INT will be -2 to start with (unless you’re a half-orc, in which case you only get -1). If you’re human or half-elf, your CHA will be dented by -1 as well. There will be no penalty or bonus to STR or WIS rolls.

Other than that, by dint of enduring continual punishment, you will each start with 9 + 1d6 hit-points. Protect them, because despite those HP being good for a L1 character, you won’t have access to healers.

Skill wise, you will have the following automatic skills:

  • Persuasion
  • Medicine
  • Sleight of Hand

You will also have a choice between Perception and Survival.

As zero-level characters you have no proficiency bonuses. They come through class training and will kick in at level 1. While you have no skill proficiencies, you are all able to use improvised weapons at a proficient level, and simple weapons (clubs, axes, etc).

In terms of equipment, you each have a wooden spoon (all the better for eating gruel with) and coarse work clothes that are just warm enough to keep you from freezing to death at night and provide enough ventilation to prevent you getting heat exhaustion during the day.

The area you will be starting in is an archipelago known as “The Shoelles”, which is south of the main pangaean continent. The Shoelles are densely wooded and were selected as the home of the pirates due to the availability of wood for new ships, oars, repairs to existing ships, etc. There are also a couple of mines on the islands from which iron ore, coal and trace amounts of silver, tin, zinc and copper are extracted. The other focus of slave labour on the islands is sand mining – the products of which are turned into crude glass.

The final roll you make while rolling up your character will be to determine which kind of slave camp you grew up in.

Roll d100:

  • 01 – 20: You’re a miner. Have a STR + 1 bonus and proficiency in Miner’s tools.
  • 21 – 40: You’re a glass maker. Have WIS + 1 bonus and proficiency in Glass blowing tools.
  • 41 – 60: You’re a lumberjack. Have CON + 1 bonus and proficiency in Forestry tools.
  • 61 – 80: You’re a ship-wright. Have INT + 1 bonus and proficiency with Shipwright’s tools.
  • 81 – 90: You’re a cook. Have + 1 CHA bonus and proficiency with Cooking tools. You are trusted to own a decent sized kitchen knife.
  • 91 – 95: You’re a tinker. Have your choice of + 1 DEX or +1 INT bonus and proficiency with Tinker’s tools.
  • 96 – 00: You’re a book keeper. Have + 2 INT bonus, proficiency with writing tools and the ability to write/speak Orcish and Human.

Character Rolling Protocols

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