Initial Background

I’ve covered this (in terms of slavery, etc) in the post on character creation, but it’s worth noting a few extra bits and pieces. In addition to the slave labour type that you’ve been doing, you will also get to pick your own traits, ideals, bonds and flaws as per any other background. I’d like you to think about your character concept – how do they feel about being slaves? How do they cope? What do they tell themselves at night to keep going on, rather than giving up and goading your gaolers into killing you. That’s what I want your background to reflect.

What you WON’T get in your background is the option to nominate nobility, guild artisan, artist, etc. While your character will possibly fantasize about such things, they won’t really know much about their background other than what their mother (a slave) told them.

If you choose to role-play that your mother was of noble birth, I might roll some dice and see what happens. It could be that your mother was an empress and you carry the birth-mark that shows you to be of her royal lineage. But if she was sold into slavery by those who usurped her, your nobility isn’t going to do you much good if you just front up and say “I want my empire.”

Likewise, a different set of dice rolls might mean that your good ol’ mam was basically a scullery maid in a low-end noble’s home. What’s really important is what you tell other people your background is. How you confront and deal with the truth of that once I do the appropriate rolls is potentially going to be the source of a lot (or not many) experience points, depending on how much (or little) you commit to it in a role-playing context.

Most of all, have fun with this. I’m giving you both a clean slate to role-play with, and will reward those who do it well.

Initial Background

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