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Welcome to Hard Start!

This post is going to act as a clearing house for information about the game itself. There will also be a Player Wiki Area where you can create your own posts and document in-character observations that you want to share with the rest of the party (e.g. descriptions of monster encounters).

I’m going to start with a few key posts to get you orientated on how Hard Start works so you can decide whether you want to proceed.

So… to begin with – Yes – this is homebrew.
Character Rolling Protocols.
Then Initial Background.
Once familiar with how we’re starting, get your head around the idea of Proportional Rewards.
Why Hard Start?
Health, Injuries and Healing
Character vs Player Knowledge
Economics and Technology
Low Magic
Death and “Reincarnation”
The Church of the Emancipator

Any questions? I’ll create a forum thread for them and link it here.

Main Page

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