Health, Injuries and Healing

Each damage type (slashing, piercing, crushing, burns, biological, psychic, thaumic) will have 4 severity levels, each of which has a set recovery period/trigger. This will only apply to the “low-magic” section of the campaign, and will be loosened up as people get closer to the opportunity to train into a character pathway that offers readier access to magic.

Severity 1: Debilitating injury – requires 2-5 months to heal.
Severity 2: Traumatic injury – requires 1-6 weeks to heal.
Severity 3: Painful injury – requires 1-6 days to heal
Severity 4: Minor injury – requires a long rest to heal

Severity 1 injuries cause -75% move speed penalty, -5 to AC, saving throws at -4. Using physical skills such as acrobatics or athletics results in a 50% chance of aggravating the injury and adding a month to the healing time. (Melee combat is treated as a physical skill for this purpose, as is carrying more than 25% of your encumbrance limit.)

Severity 2 injuries cause -50% move speed penalty, -3 to AC, saving throws at -2. Using physical skills results in a 25% chance of adding a week to the healing time. Your carry limit is at 60% of base encumbrance.

Severity 3 injuries cause -25% move speed penalty, -1 to AC, saving throws at -1. Using physical skills results in a 10% chance of adding a day to the healing time. Your carry limit is at 80% of base encumbrance.

Severity 4 injuries have no move speed penalty, no AC penalty, no save impact and you can carry full weight. Physical skills only have a 1% chance of requiring an additional long rest.

When you are hit in combat, the chance of each injury type will be driven by the amount by which the attack roll exceeds your AC (with bonuses) as follows:
Chance of Severity Type
Injury Severity Hit by 1-4 Hit by 5-8 Hit by 9-12 Hit by 13+
Sev 1 1% 4% 20% 75%
Sev 2 4% 16% 40% 20%
Sev 3 20% 40% 30% 4%
Sev 4 75% 40% 10% 1%

Natural 20s roll on 9-12 hit column unless the net roll is 13+ over your adjusted AC.

Temple healers can provide healing for a fee. This will reduce the healing time by d4 x (donation units) x (HTR period) based on the amount donated to the temple as follows:

Donation Unit Heal Time Reduction Period
10gp 2 hours
100gp 2 days
1,000gp 2 weeks
10,000gp 6 weeks

Heal pots will restore hit points, but not mitigate the effect of injuries. To heal injuries using potions you’ll need greater healing potions (heal injuries and restore HP) or potions of mending (heal injuries without restoring HP) which will be much harder to find. Potions of mending can also be used to repair psychic trauma.

If HP are reduced to 0 or less, a successful medicine check will stabilize the character at their current (negative) HP. A further medicine check will be required for each HP you want to restore up to 1. Characters are unconscious at 0hp and comatose below that. Death is at -10. Perma-death (i.e. even a resurrection spell won’t work) is at -20. Characters who are comatose can be stabilized by a heal potion, and restored back to 1hp with a greater heal potion without medicine checks. Comatose characters who are not stabilized will continue to lose 1HP per round.

The point of this is to add realism to low-level play and to make people think about the risk of engaging in combat. Some combat will be unpreventable, but where possible you should be seeking out more RP based approaches to overcoming those who stand between you and your goals.

Health, Injuries and Healing

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