Why Hard Start?

Simple question, harder answer.

In a nutshell, I’m a creative guy who thinks of himself as a story-teller. I’ve always enjoyed RPGs as a medium for collaborative story-telling rather than mini-max munchkin gaming where he who has the most gold wins. My characters have always sought to triumph over their flaws, to explore their bonds, to have sensible reasons for their traits, to have a story before the first die rolls.

While I’m relieving you all of the burden of personal backstory, I’m presenting you with a new opportunity – to dive into a deeper pool of story and guide your characters through the truth of who you really are and where you really come from. To start off with nothing and do something transcendental with your characters and leave deep footprints on your world.

While I’m throwing you in the deep-end by not giving you access to the usual pool of skills and class abilities, I’m also giving you an opportunity to develop your own story about how you come to be drawn to a particular class. From a Munchkin’s perspective, I know that’s basically hell, but for a story guy it’s awesome, and I hope you all embrace it. I’m hoping to adapt some of what happens in the RP sessions into a series of short stories or even a novel, and with your permission, I’d like you to think about whether you’d be interested in this campaign going out to the web as a pod-cast or live-stream. The first “No” cancels the idea – I’m not going to bully anyone into that kind of thing. But if everyone else is keen, I have both the tech and the skills to make it happen.

Why Hard Start?

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